Our People



Our people are our only asset and they are the face of our company that you see on a daily basis. They take great pride in enhancing your surroundings.  Whether we’re cleaning carpets, floors, restrooms or furniture, our trained personnel use only the most advanced equipment and the latest environmentally-safe cleaning products available.

EPS maintains on-going training classes for all of our cleaning staff and supervisors. Before working on your building all employees will go through a background check and a training program that is suited to that building’s unique needs.  We hold on-site training classes to more fully familiarize our team with the facility.

Subsequently, initial training specific to the building is maintained on a nightly basis.  We feel this intense training is necessary to guarantee a smooth beginning.  As the team becomes more familiar with each building’s routine, the training is reduced to monthly or as needed.

We feel it is important to make sure that all employees know how we clean and what the expectations are for each building. Regularly, our managers and supervisors attend seminars related to the cleaning industry.  This knowledge is then passed on to the cleaning staff.  Additionally, on-the-job training continues daily in all aspects of cleaning technique. We hold regular question-and-answer sessions with our management and the cleaning personnel.  It is critical that the front-line staff be allowed to offer meaningful input to the operation of the team. All employees are formally evaluated regularly.

Most of all, we treat our employees like we would want to be treated. It is important to thank them for a job well done and let them know they are a valuable asset to our company.  We often have contests between each building and in some cases between each floor in a building.  Team members can earn bonuses if they are working on the winning floor or building.