Passing the White Glove Test. That’s the way we simply define clean. Does it pass the white glove test?

Executive Property Services takes pride in being a quality-oriented company! We work closely with each client to make sure their individual building needs are being met.  The primary program designed to reach this objective is our Quality Control Program.

We know that something as simple as the White Glove Test, though the driving force behind what we do, is not a way to measure our success. We’ve designed a comprehensive, detailed inspection form, unique to EPS.  It allows all our managers to inspect and evaluate the performance of the cleaning personnel in a standardized format. This form details all the areas to be inspected while identifying the particular parts of each area.  Using this form the EPS manager is able to quickly walk through a facility and determine the quality of cleaning in the building.

Cleanliness can be a very subjective, but if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of specific criteria that must be used in our quality inspections. These criteria are designed to reduce the subjectivity involved in inspections and delineate the conditions necessary for a given area. These criteria allow us to produce a uniform condition in all facilities and they allow our clients to inspect a facility and arrive at the same approximate evaluation for that particular facility.

We perform inspections once per month with a representative from the building. We have a detailed description of Inspection Criteria that goes along with the inspection form. It is an easy and efficient way to keep our buildings as clean as possible.

Training of personnel is also very important to quality control and is the backbone of our company.   Training and incentives for outstanding service are all part of our Quality Control program.